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ZERO 03:45
Verse 1: The atmosphere imbalanced, can we hit the key? Just for a few seconds, so we can see The divine unknown presence that lives under the known Let's control the vibrations Chorus: Small, red, bright lights emerge in the sky yeah, we see you, every night. Create melody and it is perfect we are pattern, and vibration Verse 2: Melodically perfect, enhancing perception. Can you take us with you? We don't want this to end. The pattern of existence extends beyond vision, our minds are awakened. It is not illusion Chorus Bridge Chorus
EMPATH 04:12
I can barely leave the house, I can't look into your eyes, You're quiet as a mouse, I see right through you. I will cry for all their loss, that you cut up on your plate, You say that you're full of peace, I see right through you (Vocal chops) I see right through you I see right through you I see right through you
Verse 1: Now I see straight through your eyes, So tangled, in your web of lies, But you're the one who caught yourself, Yeah I know, you say, you hate the world, But it doesn't owe you any thing, This world, is just a hollow shell. Prechorus: I know you say, you hate the world, but this world's just a hollow shell, it doesn't owe you any thing, You try to destroy, go Chorus: No one can help ya, I cannot take it, can't, can't take it, Now I'm saying goodbye, Do you even know why? X2 Chorus Do you even know why? Do you even know why? Prechorus You try to destroy, GO Prechorus Chorus
Ready for abduction (x8) Lead me into the light Ready for abduction For abduction And I'm ready to go take me into the light Ready for abduction For abduction And I'm ready to go take me into the light "It's here, can't you feel it? This whole room, Everything is in colour I can feel the air, I can see it I can see all the molecules I'm part of it Like you're released or you're free I don't know how I can explain it to you if you can't see it" You're an alien Touch so far away Ready for abduction x4
CRUSH 04:46
Verse 1: Sitting at home alone, waiting for something real, Why'd you have to go? Now, I can see the light, at the end of the tunnel, Deep down, I'll always know, Hook: And I wish you well, And I wish you well, Verse 2: Imagine if we died, Imagine all the life drained from our eyes, We'd fall into the sky Torn from this world drifting In perfect paradise I will find you, (Imagine if we died) We are dreaming, Nothing is real, Shared hallucination, How does it feel? Hook Verse 2
ELIXIR 05:53
OCEAN 03:46
The way I see you around me I disconnect from my body All that I've been feeling fades every thing in the room floating Separated from the safety of my human shell it takes me exposed and alone taken from within my self, I'm fearing Oh, you'll know my name X6
LOSS 04:27
TAKE ME 03:29
Verse 1: Staying, for you, every little thing that I do, I know, you too, Every little thing that you do, Chorus: Baby tell me that the ribbon's blue, Always forever with you, Take, take, take me Say my name over and over X2 Verse 1 X2 Chorus
Verse 1: I've been hearing the frequency, oh I know you're trying to reach me. Please, please, so ready, take my keys Yeah, you know where to find me, me Chorus: Here, there, every where, I will be here I want to be pushed forward, I will be here, yeah, No normality, I will be here, They can take my soul, And I will be here, Yeah Verse 2: I know that you believe in me, oh I know one day the world will see, right when, I least expect, we'll be shook I'm on the long way back Chorus x2
GONE 05:20



What comes after the WHITE LIGHT, and after THE VOID?
The ENTITY emerges. Prepare for what comes next.

2 years since the last release, and 2 years in production - Entity is the next chapter in the evolution of Sidewalks and Skeletons, I hope you connect with these tracks as much as I have. <3


released May 6, 2019

All tracks produced, mixed, and mastered by Sidewalks and Skeletons.
All vocals performed and produced by Goo Munday
Artwork by Sidewalks and Skeletons.

© Sidewalks and Skeletons


all rights reserved



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